Practicing parenthood from the inside out.


Meet the parents: Dominic and Janice

26 years OF teaching experience, KeyNote Speakers, Authors, and Parents of seven


We are TransPARENTcy Consulting.
We are practicing parenthood from the inside out.

We're creating a community of parents who recognize that we're all human, that we're unintentionally making mistakes as parents, and that's okay!

We're glad you’re here. Your story matters.

You're invited to join a community that is practicing parenthood with acceptance of ourselves and others and radically irradiating the SHAME GAME!

Let’s build the next generation with a solid infrastructure, where shame is no longer welcome nor tolerated! We’re raising a generation who are radically vulnerable to love themselves and others lavishly.



Ready to Practice Parenthood?


One-on-one consulting


Much of parenting is learning to NOT procrastinate. Put a small cavity on the "back-burner" and it just gets worse.

We help good families become aware of their greatness. We'll be honest with you — there is no "arriving". There is, however, learning and moving toward greatness. We'd love to help your family move forward.

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Teaching Conferences

Pricing varies per event. 

Do you work with children? Do you own a child-care center? Are you part of a children's ministry? We regularly teach in group settings, both locally and nationally. 

We have 26 years of teaching experience: from teaching preschool, writing an ASL curriculum (unpublished) for use in both the Littleton and Jefferson County Public School System, Janice's 25 years of experience as a nanny, and key note speakers at various events for the past 4 years. 



"I came to this conference overwhelmed and looking for answers. What TransPARENTcy taught me is to engage within myself and the answers I need will become clear." —Amani E. (Conference Attendee)

"Our society is increasingly disengaging from sometimes difficult relationship issues, and therefore not building depth of communication.  What you guys teach gives us the courage to learn about ourselves and become real!" —Rigo M. (Conference Attendee) 

"What I loved about this conference was learning how to navigate differences with co-workers in a positive way, how to make my communication effective in the workplace." —Brenda G. (Conference Attendee) 

"I had a sense of relief and self-acceptance when you guys taught, 'assumption of positive intent' and 'communicating your expectations over assumptions' within my classroom and with my employees." —Diana C. (School Administrator Conference Attendee)


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Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.
— Brené Brown



Parents Practicing Presence

We get it. Parenting is, whew. 

Parenting is the single most rewarding yet most difficult thing on this earth to do and be. We were meant for greatness dear one. Let’s do this thing together with greatness! Can I get an amen? Are you in? If you are then buckle your seat belt because it’s about to get REAL! It’s ok though because we have one another!



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